Continuous delivery within budget and time is the everlasting challenge.
We are eager to make this challenge as much as possible reality for your company or department.


We can help you to: Transform to Agile → Implement Continuous Integration / Delivery and → make Development ♥ Operations
and Automate first!


Testing takes easily 20 to 30% of your project cost and time.
Fixing an issue in late release stages or even worse, in production costs more and is an operational risk.


Highly Configurable "complex" systems require a different test approach as an “in-house” development. MaxMin has experience at both client as vendor side of the “fence” so we know how to test complex systems.


Continuous delivery within budget and time is the everlasting challenge.
We are eager to make this challenge as much as possible reality for your company or department.


We believe that quality is an attitude to continuously improve how you do things and what you deliver.


Maxmin approach in short:

– Quick scan to see where your test organization stands.

– Risk based approach for an efficient test strategy.

– Automated testing for a short time-to-market.


Result ⇒ reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

Strategy & Vision

Define a Test Strategy matching your companies vision.

– Set up a new Test Team or Test Centre of excellence.

– Define test process on project, department or company level.

– Implement and maintain test guidelines.

Analysis & Planning

Specification reviews, buddy checks, clarification with the client / stakeholders, scope definition and estimation on specific testing tasks, timeline synchronization, tasks scheduling, preparing of milestones and preparing of QA proposal.

Preparation & Design

Preparation of Test Plan and its iterations with the client, Test Case Design and their review with the client, Test Data Preparation and Test Scenario identification covering end-to-end business workflows.

Execution & Reporting

Normal flow testing, with valid Test data, Exceptions testing when needed, execution of Test scenarios and Reporting, Defects prioritization and verification. Re-testing of fixes and Test Caes / Scenarios to ensure that the problems have been fixed without regression. Periodic test progress / status and defect ratio reporting.

Monitoring & Control

Daily activities control of the terms, progress tracking, status reports, Defects and Test Summary reports with thorough information on the total number of encountered reported bugs, fixed and verified defects.

Non- functional Testing

Performance Testing with specific automated testing tools, Security Testing, Environmental Testing and Installation procedures check. Validating fail-over test or disaster recovery run-book.


Functional Testing

Functional testing, requirements or business process based:

– Requirements based where tests are derived from the requirements / user stories.

– Business Process based where tests are based on user defined scenarios and mimic end-to-end business processes.

Risk Based testing is the standard enabling a good balance between the test effort and potential impact of issues.

Maxmin has out-of-the box a generic set of templates as a starting point for your project. Example is the usage of our decision path (pairwise) test tool for an efficient test coverage matrix.

Automated Testing

Automated testing to achieve continuous delivery to answer the dynamic and demanding markets and reduce the total cost of ownership of your software systems. Test Automation should be considered for repeated test execution during the project like the regression tests.

Maxmin can guide you with the selection of the right test automation tool, implementation of an actual unattended running automated test and sustainable long term maintenance model.

Each test case has to be justified is our motto!

Performance Testing

Performance testing to determine how the components of the system perform under a particular workload. It can demonstrate that the system meets performance criteria or where in the system there are potential bottlenecks. The performance test can also be referred to as a load-, stress- or volume test. Goal of performance testing is to use the system as it will be used in production in a controlled and dedicated environment. During this period all components will be closely monitored. Output:

– Determine if a new functionality or release is ready for production.

– Find bottlenecks, gather metrics useful for fine tuning the system.

– Provide reporting to business stakeholders regarding performance against expectations.

– Prognose architectural expansion for the future growth.


Maxmin is it’s people. Committed to build a team with you to achieve together your goals. Agile as we are from the start. From implementation to an upgrade or migration. In all phases of a project from initial product risk analysis, test planning, test case design, execution and automation we add value to your organization.